Comprehensive Guide to Custom Shampoo Bottle Information

Feb. 20, 2024

In a market flooded with numerous shampoo and conditioner options, possessing functional yet visually appealing packaging provides a competitive advantage. KEYUAN specializes in delivering tailored packaging solutions for liquids and gels, catering to the diverse packaging requirements of various hair care products. Our custom shampoo bottles are crafted from premium plastics, and available in multiple sizes, shapes, colors, and cap styles, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and efficient packaging solution for your hair care brand.

Custom Plastic Shampoo Conditioner Bottles

What Bottle Is Needed for Custom Shampoo Bottles?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the appropriate shampoo bottle for your product.

Bottle Material

When determining which bottle is best for your shampoo packaging needs, one of the first factors to consider is bottle material. Common plastic materials used for shampoo bottles include:

PET. PET is a clear plastic material. It has good impact resistance and is easily recycled.

LDPE. LDPE plastic is highly flexible, squeezable, and durable.

HDPE. This type of plastic is cost-effective, durable, recyclable, and impact resistant.

MDPE. MDPE has excellent drop and shock-resistant properties, making it ideal for products commonly handled with wet hands.

PVC. This clear material is known for its durability and chemical resistance.

These materials come in a variety of colors to create attractive shelf displays and enhance the buyer experience.

Bottle Style and Shape

Another factor to consider when selecting a shampoo bottle is style and shape. For example, clear bottles are an excellent choice for showing off colorful and attractive semi-liquid or viscous contents. Bottles with round bases offer more stability and prevent spillage from falls. At KEYUAN, our plastic bottles come in many different shapes, and we are here to help you make the right selection.

What Types of Caps Are Available for Custom Shampoo Bottles?

Another key characteristic of plastic shampoo bottles is the type of cap. Having a cap that makes your product more attractive and effectively dispenses contents is crucial to the consumer experience. Factors such as product consistency and bottle shape and style determine the best cap type for your products. At KEYUAN, we recommend the following types of caps:


Commonly used for shampoo bottles, pump dispenser caps are a smart choice for firmer, larger bottles, allowing consumers to simply leave the bottle in place and press the pump top to dispense contents. Pump tops with a head lock allow the pump top to be twisted and locked to avoid spills.

Flip Top

Most commonly seen on squeezable bottles, flip tops protect contents from contamination and prevent leaks by creating a tight seal when closed. These caps have a top section that flips back on a hinge so shampoo or conditioner can be squeezed out. Once the desired contents have been dispensed, the top is easily snapped shut.

Disc Top

Less common than flip tops or pumps, disc tops are another choice for flexible, squeezable shampoo bottles. They fit on bottles of various sizes and feature a top piece that opens when pressed to dispense shampoo or conditioner. When pressed again, the top will close and seal in the contents.

Custom Shampoo Bottles from KEYUAN

At KEYUAN, we know the importance of attractive, functional shampoo bottle packaging. As a custom manufacturer of various packaging solutions, we work with customers to design and produce the best packaging products for their needs. To get started on your shampoo, conditioner, or other hair care packaging solution, contact us today.

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