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A plastic jar is a small container that typically has a cyli drical shape with a wide mouth topped off with a screw top lid. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Among all the options, plastic jars are the most popular due to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and lightweight nature. Plastic jars are commonly used for storing solid and semi-liquid products, such as creams and lotions, while liquids are often stored in plastic or aluminum bottles.

Both large and small plastic jars with lids offer several advantages over other packaging materials. In addition to their affordability and durability, they are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the shape, color, and design that suit your brand. Personalized Plastic Jars provide a unique and cost-effective way to differentiate your products from competitors'.

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)PP (Polypropylene)HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Material TypePET is a clear, transparent plastic known for its excellent clarity and ability to showcase the contents. It is commonly used for beverages, food products, and personal care items.PP is a versatile plastic known for its durability and chemical resistance. It is often used for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics.HDPE is a sturdy plastic with good chemical resistance and impact resistance. It is commonly used for a wide range of products, including food, chemicals, and detergents.
ClarityPET offers exceptional clarity and transparency, making it ideal for products where visibility of the contents is crucial.PP can be clear but may not be as transparent as PET. It often has a slightly hazy appearance.HDPE is not as clear as PET or PP and is generally opaque, which may not be suitable for products that require visibility.
DurabilityPET is relatively durable and resistant to impact but not as robust as PP or HDPE.PP is highly durable and resistant to impact, making it suitable for products that require rugged packaging.HDPE is known for its excellent durability and impact resistance, making it ideal for products that may undergo rough handling.
Chemical ResistancePET provides moderate chemical resistance and may not be suitable for storing certain chemicals.PP offers excellent chemical resistance, making it a top choice for chemical storage.HDPE also provides excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for storing a wide range of chemicals.
Moisture BarrierPET has a moderate moisture barrier, which is suitable for products that are not highly sensitive to moisture.PP provides a good moisture barrier, making it suitable for products that require protection from humidity.HDPE offers a good moisture barrier, similar to PP, and is effective in preventing moisture intrusion.
RecyclabilityPET is highly recyclable and commonly recycled for various applications.PP is recyclable but may not be as widely accepted in recycling programs as PET.HDPE is one of the most widely recycled plastics, making it a sustainable choice.
CostPET is generally cost-effective and competitive with other plastics.PP is cost-effective and offers excellent value for its durability and chemical resistance.HDPE is often cost-effective and is widely used in various industries for its balance of performance and affordability.

Meet your Custom Plastic Jars Wholesale needs!

Plastic jars are a popular choice for packaging materials, offering durability, reliability, and an appealing design. Small plastic jars with lids provide excellent packaging solutions in various industries. At KEYUAN, we offer a wide selection of clear plastic jars with lids in different shapes and sizes. With low minimum order quantities (MOQs) and highly discounted wholesale prices, our plastic containers are suitable for both large and small companies.Contact us now.

All our Custom  Plastic Jars with Lids are carefully manufactured in China, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product. Our basic plastic jars and containers are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), a 100% food-safe and BPA-free material. By using PET plastic jars, you can provide a more sustainable and safer packaging solution compared to other types of plastic, such as polystyrene. We also have PP and HDPE materials to choose from!

Custom Plastic Jars Versatile Options

Custom plastic jars with lids are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you need small plastic jars or larger ones, we have you covered. We also offer the opportunity to create custom plastic jars with a minimum order quantity requirement.

Material: PET, PP, HDPE

Screw-Top Lids: Secure your items with screw-top lids that provide a tight seal, ensuring freshness and preventing leaks.

Stackable Design: Opt for stackable jars to save space and create a visually appealing display for your products.

Clear Containers: Transparent custom plastic jars allow easy visibility of the contents, making them ideal for showcasing items.

Handles and Grips: For larger jars, handles or grips can provide convenience when handling or pouring the contents.

If you're interested in designing your own personalized containers, feel free to contact our professionals via email for more information.

Benefits of Customizing Plastic Jars from Manufacturers

Choosing custom plastic jars offers an array of benefits that make them a preferred choice for various purposes:

Customization: These jars can be tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to choose the size, shape, and color that align with your needs.

Protection: Custom plastic jars provide an airtight and secure environment, keeping the contents fresh and protected from moisture and contaminants.

Organization: Whether at home or in a business setting, custom plastic jars help maintain an organized and clutter-free space by neatly storing items.

Promotion: For businesses, custom plastic jars can be branded with logos and labels, serving as effective promotional tools.

Custom Plastic Jars for Different Uses

Plastic jars find wide application in the cosmetic industry, as well as in storing food, beverages, and medicine. The best part about our plastic containers with screw-on lids and twist caps is their durability, sustainability, and affordability. They offer an affordable yet high-quality packaging solution for both small and large companies across different sectors.

Kitchen and Pantry: Keep your kitchen staples, such as spices, grains, and condiments, organized and easily accessible in custom plastic jars.

Bathroom and Beauty: Store toiletries, cosmetics, and skincare products in labeled jars to maintain a clutter-free bathroom space.

Craft and DIY: Organize beads, buttons, paints, and other craft supplies in custom plastic jars, ensuring a tidy and creative workspace.

Retail and Display: Businesses can use custom plastic jars to showcase products on shelves, allowing customers to see the contents clearly.

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